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Waste Transfer Station Hours

     Wednesday    Noon - 5:00pm

     Saturday    9:00am - 5:00pm


    Scott Erickson: Transfer Station Manager

    Phone:  492-3023


Licensed Type II

Address:    8740 N Genes Rd. (off M123 State Hwy)

                 Property ID 017-016-221-002-00

                 SEC 21   T49N   R6W       SW ¼ of NW ¼, 40 acres

                 Given to Township by the State (with reverter restriction #198300)

No water supplies within 1 mile

No homes/structures within 1 mile

No airport

Site is not located near or on a designated historic district or archaeological area.

Site is not near a groundwater recharge area or wellhead protection area.

Site is in compliance with DEQ rules R229.4412 through R299.4416 regarding Type II landfill location restrictions.

Site is not an area defined in Section 32301 of Part 323, Shorelands Protection and Management of Act 451, or in areas of unique habitat as defined by the Department of Natural Resources, Natural Features Inventory.

Waste stream is from Whitefish Township from both East and West on Hwy M123

Refuge removal is contracted with Waste Management of the Eastern U.P.

Single structure:    Manager Office and Compactor cover

Refuge storage:

Compactor for household refuge - compacts to 40 yards (10-11 ton)

One open top for non-compactable materials - 30 yards (2+ ton)

One open top for [large metal] recycling.  Recycled metal removal is contracted with Troops (Newberry)

One closed trailer for recycling - glass, cans, newspaper, cardboard, plastics


Waste Types Received:

Residential, Commercial, Construction & Demolition

No vehicle or parts thereof unless they can be put into open tops

No motor oil or antifreeze


Site Size:

Total area of facility property                 40 acres

Total area sited for use                         <1 acre

Estimated lifetime                                 unlimited

Estimated days open per year                104

Estimated yearly disposal volume           120+ tons

Stump and brush debris is chipped and removed by Zellars (Newberry)


No annual energy production

No landfill gas recovery

No waste-to-energy incinerators


The current facilities are consistent with proven technologies.

Whitefish Township by policy charges a fair fee to all within the service area.

Access to the transfer facility (Genes Road) is an all-season road off of State Hwy M123.