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Unapproved Minutes of the Whitefish Township Board

Regular Meeting – October 5th, at 7:00 p.m.


Supervisor Ertel, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Present: Wanda Knox, Susan Anway, Edson Forrester, Richard Gratopp, and Darryl Ertel.

Absent: None.


Pledge of Allegiance.


No amendments to the agenda.


Motion by Forrester, second by Anway, to approve the minutes of the September 7th, 2017 regular meeting as amended. Motion carried.


Clerk’s report received via Wanda Knox.


Treasurer’s report received via Susan Anway. (Attachment #1)


Motion by Forrester, Second by Ertel, to send to collection ambulance fees in the amount of $1,186.80 for account # F00000005450. Motion carried.


Motion by Anway, second by Knox, to remove Cindy Bulmer’s name from the library credit card and add Jody Hasley. Motion carried. (Attachment #2)

Supervisor’s report received via letter from Darryl Ertel.


Motion by Anway, second by Ertel, to pay bills as recommended in the amount of $ 41,907.51. Motion carried. (Attachment #2)


Correspondence received.


Public comment received.


Committee Reports

Fire department report received via Steve Guidebeck.


EMS report received via letter from Renee Gray. (Attachment #3)


Library report received via Laurie Bicknell.


Zoning administrators report and Ordinance Enforcement Officer OEO) report received. (Attachment #4)

No Zoning Board of Appeals report received.


No Planning Commission report received.


No Assessor report received.


Old Business


The township is still seeking persons interested in the alternate positions for the Board of



The Township is still seeking persons interested in a position on the Planning Commission.


Motion by Ertel, second by Forrester to appoint Russel Long to the zoning board of appeals. Motion carried.


Discussion took place on setting a special meeting to discuss EMS and FIRE mileage.


New Business


Policy Update

FOIA policy presented to the board for review.

Board was reminded of the “Conflict of interest” policy review.


Zoning ordinance

Motion by Anway, second by Forrester, to send proposed zoning ordinance for review to township attorney Michael Homier for review. Motion carried.


Supervisor Ertel informed the Board and public about progress on road work over the Black Creek.


Land Divisions

Motion by Knox, second by Gratopp, to approve the Land division resolution for Puidokas (016-215-064-00) providing approval of Sharon Kennedy (Whitefish Township Land Division Coordinator), approval of the health department, the zoning, and that the division meets and satisfies all the “Land Division Act” requirements.  Motion carried.

Roll call: Knox – yes, Anway – yes, Forrester – yes, Gratopp – yes and Ertel – yes.


Signed minutes returned to the clerk.


Motion by Anway, second by Forrester, carried to adjourn meeting at 7:44 p.m.