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Township Board Information


 Government Office hours:  Monday - Thursday 10:00am to 3:00pm

 Zoning Admin. hours:       Thursday & Friday   10:00am to Noon

                                     (May 1st thru Nov 1st)


 Assessor hours:               Tuesday     10:00am to 2:00pm


Office Fax (906) 492-3834


Office contacts and phone numbers-  (906)-492-3452


Email address and phone extension

Township Treasurer:   Susan Anway - extension 1

Township Clerk:         Wanda Knox - extension 3

Township Supervisor:  Darryl Ertel Jr - extension 2

Township Trustee:      Edson Forrester

Township Trustee:      Richard Gratopp


Zoning Administrator:  Bill Mangham   ext 6

Zoning Office Fax                 906-492-3453



Ordinance Enforcement Officer: Bill Mangham ext 6


Assessor:          Christine Ledergerber - ext 4